About S&S Nutrition Network, Inc.

S&S Nutrition Network, Inc. is owned and operated by Sue Linja, RDN, LD and Maureen Sykes, RDN, LD. Based in Boise, Idaho, our business provides expert nutrition consulting services in nine states and has been in operation since 1995. Our mission is to provide quality nutritional care to each individual and group that we work with and to raise the standard for care and quality of life through progressive nutrition programs.

What Sets Us Apart

Our expert team of nearly 50 registered and licensed dietitians have extensive knowledge of regulations and nutrition standards for your health care facility or entity, as well as various areas of nutrition specialties or expertise. In over 20 years of nutrition consulting, we have a proven track record of keeping the patient/resident in the forefront of nutritional care while ensuring the facility meets regulatory requirements.

S&S Nutrition Network, Inc. — Spotlight Dietitian, 2017—Jamie Davis

The reason I decided to become an RD is a long story.  When I was in high school I worked at a  local pharmacy as a pharmacy tech.  I had always wanted to be a Pharmacist and that was my plan. Then my Grandpa got really sick, he had been a diabetic for years and things had just started going down for him.  He had to have both above the knee amputations dt DM foot sores and was legally blind.  Then his kidneys began to shut down and he had to start dialysis.   During that time  I saw how awesome the RD’s were when they educated him with his diet, and I also saw how much comfort it gave my grandma and grandpa  when someone spent time with them to provide education and showed that they cared!  I decided I wanted to make  a positive impact in people lives like that and chose to pursue a career as a RD and have never looked back.  The coolest part of that story is I actually had my Grandpa as a patient and it was awesome to help someone you love.  It also made me a better dietitian because it makes me focus more on patient care and what would work best for them!

One thing that most people do not know about me is that I love theater.  I love going to plays and operas, whether in NYC or a local theater.  One of the things I want to sign off on my bucket list is to take a few theater classes one day and star in a local play!  I think that would be soo much fun!

My favorite aspect of consulting with S&S is how challenging it is.  I love how I have to help with so many aspects whether it is helping with doing kitchen audits and keeping a kitchen clean, coaching dietary managers and kitchen staff and working with the patients. I think the funnest thing is meeting so many different people as patients and trying to help  them get better so that they can have a better quality of life.

I graduated from Utah State University in Logan Utah a very long time ago……  I can’t believe it has been this long but I graduated in 1999!  (Of course I was only 15 when I graduated 🙂 )

My outsides interest mainly revolve around my super awesome family!  I love hanging with them whether  its going to the movies, going out for ice cream, or going on long walks.
I love to run and bike., in fact my day is not complete if I don’t get a run or ride in.  I also love reading all different kind of books ranging from classics to murder mystery books.   I also love, love, love shopping online!  I just love getting packages delivered to my  door without having to leave the house  and I love finding awesome deals.    Overall I just love having  working hard  and having fun while trying!  I think it makes me the best person I can be!